ACERWC Follow-up Mission in Ethiopia

October 12th, 2018

In line with State Parties reporting obligations, the Committee will conduct a follow-up mission to assess Ethiopia progress in implementing its concluding observations on 16-17 October, 2018 in Addis Ababa. 

The African Children’s Charter stipulates that State Parties are supposed to submit their initial report two years after ratification and their periodic reports every three years thereafter. In this regard, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia submitted its initial report  in November 2013, which was considered  in October 2014 during at the 1st ACERWC Extra-Ordinary Session. The Committee held a constructive dialogue with the Delegation of the Government of Ethiopia and identified achievements recorded and challenges faced in the implementation of the Charter. Afterwards, the Committee issued its concluding observations and recommendations which include its suggestions on the measures that may be undertaken by the Government of Ethiopia to improve the protection and promotion of children’s rights in the State Party.

The main rationale behind the whole process of the State Party reporting mechanism is giving States an opportunity to evaluate their laws and policies and to determine if their laws are in line with the Charter and receiving guidelines and recommendations from the Committee on the kinds of measures the State ought to take to reinforce their efforts in implementing the Charter.

The Committee intends to hold bilateral conversations with various Ministries of the Government of Ethiopia to hold discussions about the measures undertaken to implement the recommendations of the Committee and challenges faced. Such dialogue enables the Committee to assess specific issues of child rights and get detailed information on the matter. The Committee intends to undertake constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Federal Attorney General. The Committee will also have discussions with UNICEF, Save the Children International, Plan International, ACPF and CSOs working on children’s rights and welfare.

A one day workshop will bring together various ministries, government agencies, CSOs, UN agencies and other stakeholders together to discuss about the progress and challenges in the implementation of the recommendations of the Charter.

The venue of the workshop will be at Ellily Hotel.