The African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC) holds Ordinary Session twice a year: March or April and November. Ordinary Session is the venue where States parties reports, CSOs complementary reports, communications, request for investigation and other requests submitted before the Committee are being examined. Some activities during the sessions are open while others are restricted.

However, articles 35, 36 and 37 of the Rules of Procedure state that summary records of public meetings of the Committee shall be written, recorded and made available for general distribution, unless the Committee decides otherwise.

The Secretariat, as the the custodian of the archives of the Committee had endeavored to keep alive the memory of this entity since its inception.

Reports from the 7th Ordinary Session to the most recent are available and can be downloaded below:

33nd Session  Report En   33nd Session Report Fr

32nd Session Report En    32nd Session Report Fr

31st Session Report En       31st Session Report Fr

30th Session Report En      30th Session Report Fr

Report 29th Session  En       Report 29th Session Fr

28th ACERWC Report En

27th ACERWC Report En    27th Session Report Fr

26th ACERWC  Session Report En

25th ACERWC Session Report En

ACERWC 24th Session Report En

1st Extraordinary Session Report En

ACERWC 23rd Session Report En

Report 22nd ACERWC Session En

ACERWC 21st Session Report En

ACERWC 20thSession Report En

ACERWC 19 th Session Report En

ACERWC 18th Session Report  En

ACERWC 17th Session Report En

ACERWC 16th Session Report  En

ACERWC 15th Session Report  En

ACERWC 14th Session Report  En

ACERWC 13th Session Report  En

ACERWC 12th Session Report  En

ACERWC 11th Session Report  En

ACERWC 10th Session Report En

ACERWC 9th Session Report  En

ACERWC 8th Session Report  En

ACERWC 7th Session Report  En