Special Rapporteurs

The resolution on the appointment of special rapporteur various thematic areas can be downloaded from below.


Special Rapporteur on Children and Armed Conflict : Benyam Dawit Mezmur

 children and armed conflict EN

 les Enfants et les Conflits Armés FR


Special Rapporteur on Violence against childrenMrs. Aver Gavar

Violence Against Children EN

 la Violence à l’Egard des Enfants FR


Special Rapporteur on Child marriage and Other Harmful Practices: Mme Marie-Christine Bocoum

 Child marriage and Other harmful practices EN

 child marriage and harmful practises FR


Special Rapporteur on Child Participation:Mrs Sidikou Aissatou Moulave

 Child Participation EN

 la Participation de l’Enfant FR


Special Rapporteur on Children in Vulnerable Situations: Mme Goitseone Nanikie Nkwe

 children in vulnerable situations EN

 les Enfants en Situation Vulnérable FR


Special Rapporteur on Health, Welfare and Development: Mr Mohamed Hmeyada

 Health, welfare and development EN

 Health welfare and development FR


Special Rapporteur on Children on the Move:Mr Joseph Ndayisenga

 Children on the Move EN

 children on the move FR


Special Rapporteur on Children in Conflict with the Law: Dr. Clement Mashamba

 Children in conflict with the law EN

 les Enfants en Conflit avec la Loi FR


Special Rapporteur on Parental Responsibilities and Child Responsibilities: Mrs Kawimbe Maria Mapani

 Parental Responsibilities and child responsibilities EN

 la Responsabilité Parentale et Responsabilités de l’Enfant FR