Working documents

Since its inception in 2002, the Committee has developped several documents to fuffill its mandate of promoting and protecting children rights in Africa. Empowered to monitor the implementation of the African Children’s Charter, the Committee has, for instance, set up standards to guide State Parties to fulfill their reporting obligations as stipulated  in Article 43. As such, a Guideline on initial State Party Report and a Guideline on Periodic Report give instructions to State Parties on the form and content of their reports when reporting on the measures they have taken to give effect to the provisions of the Charter.

In considering State Parties Reports, the Committee may seek complementary informations from Civil Societies Organizations (CSO). For that purpose, the Committee has also develop  Guidelines for CSOs to complement State Parties reports.

The Charter  allows any person or group to submit a complaint on children’s rights violations to the Committee.  A Communication Guidelines has been developed to direct the submissions of complaints to the Committee in accordance with Article 44 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

  Revised rules of procedures final