Agenda 2040 Implementation Report

The implementation of Agenda 2040 is carried out phase by phase. One phase of implementation is undertaken within 5 years. Each Member State develops a national implementation plan for each phase which is guided by the overall Action Plan of Agenda 2040. The end dates of each of the five implementation phases are 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040. The Committee also undertakes assessment of implementation of Agenda 2040 in each phase. Assessment of the first phase of implementation of AGENDA 2040 (2016-2020) has been published. The aims of this report are to

  • Identify progress achieved by the Member States in implementing the aspirations of Agenda 2040 at the domestic level;
  • Identify challenges the Member States are facing in the implementation of Agenda 2040;
  • Determine priority areas that need intervention by the Member States as well as other stakeholders that are widely and gravely affecting children in the continent;
  • Expose contemporary and emerging challenges that children are facing in Africa;
  • Guide future endeavours towards the protection and promotion of children’s rights in Africa and
  • Set a baseline for the next five-year periodic review of Agenda 2040